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Historic Mill Environment

Rapio mill started its operation in 1812, and is one of the oldest industrial plants still operating in the country. In our production are combined the old miller traditions and the latest industrial milling know-how.
The main function of the mill is commercial milling, but on a small scale we also do some duty millings, (milling of customers' own grain).
We try to source our raw materials from local farmers, keeping high quality standards in mind. Each batch of grain is tested for quality is in our own laboratory. Additionally, a test milling and a test baking is carried out, after which we decide whether the grain batch is of high enough quality for production.

The mill owners have been, for example:

Starting 1812 Karl Fredrik Hammaren, field secretary
1876-1880 Karl and Albin Kustafson
1880-1896 Petter Hämäläinen
1896-1909 Kaarle Häkkänen, farmer
1909-1928 Aksel Fredrik, chief accountant of the military and Hilja Emilia Broms and Magnus Arvid, phycisian and Lyyli Lovisa Alopaeus
1928-1933 Kustaa Ferdinand Westerinen, farmer
1933 Veli Vesterinen
1933-1947 Kalle and Mirja Ylönen
1947-1953 Lauri Härkönen, freeholder
1953-1982 Evert Härkönen, miller
1982-1997 Evert Härkönen and Lasse Härkönen, miller
1997 saw the start of the era of the the fourth generation of millers of Lasse Härkönen and his wife Pia.